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Our company manufactures and offers you a briquette press VELOS®.

The following raw materials can be used to produce fuel briquettes:

  • sawdust;
  • rice husk;
  • corn straw;
  • wheat straw;
  • dry grass;
  • dry leaves;
  • other types of wood waste;
  • peat.

Fuel briquette are shaped like a hexagon with a dark shell and a through hole in the center. The presence of a hole along the entire briquette supports the combustion process by providing natural air draft.

The principle of operation of the briquette press VELOS® is to form a briquette by pressing raw materials through a forming tube. At the exit, the briquette is exposed to a high temperature, which contributes to the release of lignin (the natural resin of wood), which ensures the formation of a solid shell.

You can come to our factory, see the equipment in stock and in operation!

Technical characteristic

Capacity 400 - 500 kg /h
Power 22 kW
Voltage 380 V
The briquette's diameter 50 mm


Frame 1 pc.
Screw 1 pc.
Forming tube 1 pc.
Heating ring 3 pc.
Gear motor 1 pc.
Control panel 1 pc.

Briquettes are an excellent alternative to conventional firewood, as they have a lot of advantages:


Based on the above characteristics, we can conclude that pini-kay braces have undeniable advantages, which makes them the best type of solid fuel, both among consumers and manufacturers.

Our company provides equipment for briquette (pini-key) production - briquette press VELOS®.

Our equipment meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001:2015


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