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Briquettes are an excellent alternative to conventional firewood, as they have a lot of advantages:


Топливные брикеты

  1. Reducing storage space.
  2. Firewood is often sold in bulk, and their density is 400 kg per cubic meter. Briquettes due to their geometric shape are quite easy to fold, and their density is equal to 1200 kg per cubic meter. Consequently, with briquettes, the storage area can be reduced by three times, at the same volume.


    Зольность брикетов

  3. Reduced ash content.
  4. After burning wood, the ash content is 10%. After coal combustion, the ash content is 20%. Briquettes also give 1.5% of the total weight. And you can use such volumes for soil fertilization without spending costs for waste disposal and purchasing fertilizers.

  5. Universality of application.
  6. Топливные брикеты

    Briquettes are used as fuel for fireplaces, grills, stoves, wood and coal boilers. They are also used for domestic and industrial furnaces or as raw materials in the coking and metallurgical industries to produce coke.


  7. Ecological safety.
  8. Пресс для пини-кей

    Briquettes from the VELOS® press are an ecologically clean fuel, since they do not contain glue and other harmful inclusions, due to the content of natural resin – lignin.


  9. Calorific value.
  10. Топливные брикеты

    Take for comparison oak firewood and Pini-kay briquettes. It is known that the calorific value of firewood is 5.4 kJ, and the same indicator for briquettes is 18 kJ, therefore, briquettes give off more heat than firewood. The cost of oak firewood (at the end of summer 2019) is 5300 rubles per 1 ton, i.e. when purchasing a ton of oak firewood, we get 5400 kJ. And for what amount and how many briquettes do you need to buy to get the same amount of heat? After performing simple calculations, we see that it is necessary to buy 300 kg of briquettes, in the amount of 2560 rubles (taking into account the average cost of 8500 rubles per ton) to obtain the same calorific value of 5400 kJ.


Based on the above characteristics, we can conclude that pini-kay braces have undeniable advantages, which makes them the best type of solid fuel, both among consumers and manufacturers.

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