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Our company produces and offers GORON® granulators for production of pellets and spherical granules from various types of raw materials: manure, grass, sawdust, peat, etc.

GORON® granulators can be used for production:

  • compound feed;
  • organic fuel;
  • of fertilizers.
  • Technical specification

    Capacity from 0.3 to 3 t/h
    Power consumption from 15 to 33 kW
    Voltage 380 V
    Overall dimensions 3,3х1,7х1,4 m

    The principle of operation of the GORON® granulator is based on the effect of centrifugal force on the process of forming granules. Moisture of raw materials at the inlet is 20-35%. At the output you get cylindrical or spherical granules that have sufficient hardness for further packaging and transportation.

    production of fertilizers

    The product can be in two forms-pellets depending on Your needs. You will get well-pressed additionally drained pellets. They take up less storage space, are easier to pack and transport, and are easier to use (for example, using wood pellets in comparison with sawdust). And most importantly, due to the high density, low moisture content and a smaller specific surface area of granules, the product is stored better and longer-the effect of yeast and mold fungi, pathogens is reduced, which is a big problem when storing organic matter.

    Types of raw materials for granulation

    Manure Bird dung
    Fish waste Food waste
    Rice bran Provender
    Grass Remnants of biogas production
    Remnants of palm oil production Remnants of grape production
    Cotton waste Sludge
    Sapropel Peat
    Bentonite Diatomite
    Sawdust Lignite

    These granules are convenient for use as fertilizers, they do not stick to the hands and do not crumble. This technology also allows you to get animal feed from raw materials. With a large amount of fertilizers, You can always sell them to agricultural enterprises, which implies income for You.Also, these pellets are convenient to use as fuel, and due to the minimum moisture content have a long shelf life.

    The GORON® granulator can be used in the line for processing raw materials after the screw separator SEPRA® to get a better product at the output.

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