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mixed fodder

Our company offers you a GORON-m® granulator for receiving cylindrical pellets from mixed fodder.

Advantages of the GORON-m® granulator:

- low power consumption;

- small dimensions;

- easy to operate;

- sufficient hardness of the product for the packaging and transportation.

Technical specification

Capacity from 300 to 500 kg / h
Power consumption 7,5 kW
Voltage 380 V
Overall dimensions 1,0х0,4х0,95 m

You can come to our factory, bring your raw materials and we will make a test run of our equipment in Your presence!


Granulated mixed fodder is convenient to use, is better absorbed by animals (compared to conventional fodder mixes), and gives a high economic effect for agricultural production. Granules are easy to store, they do not crumble and do not stick to the hands, and are also suitable for transportation. With a large amount of mixed fodder, you can always sell them to agricultural enterprises, which implies an income for You.

Principle of operation of the granulator is to push the feed mixture through the rollers through the mold, where they are cut with knives. At the output, we get cylindrical pellets that are convenient for use as fodder. Due to the impact of compressive force on the granules, the probability of developing mold fungi and harmful microorganisms is reduced,which extends the shelf life of fodder.

Our equipment meets the requirements ISO 9001:2015

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