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Separator SEPRA for oil sludge processing

Our company offers the introduction of the screw separator SEPRA® in the oil sludge processing line. The separator is designed for extraction and separation of oil sludge into two fractions - liquid and solid.

It is advisable to feed oil sludge to low-temperature pyrolysis plants to produce various commercial products. However, the high water content in the raw material requires preliminary preparation before the further stage of resource recovery.

Advantages of the separator for the company

You eliminate the loss of valuable components and negative impact on the environment by using a screw separator to physically separate fractions at the stage of oil sludge preparation.

The screw separator SEPRA® reduces the water content of oil sludge from 95% to 50-60%. The separated fractions are fed to the next stages of processing or disposal.

Integrated processing and use of sludge waste as secondary raw materials ensure the conservation of natural resources.

Thanks to our development, you get the opportunity to increase the productivity of your line!


The standard scheme of separation

  1. Collection of raw materials and their transportation from the sump (lagoon) to the separator.
  2. Oil sludge

  3. The process of separating raw materials into solid and liquid substrates using a screw separator.
  4. Removal of the fugate to the container for collecting liquid.
  5. The yield of the solid fraction for further use.

Oil sludge extraction on separator SEPRA®

A selection of videos of working on the screw separator SEPRA®

Our separators SEPRA® have all necessary documents.

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