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Description of operation of the screw separator SEPRA®


The operation of the screw separator SEPRA® is based on two principles: screen and press.

The product enters the loading unit through the inlet pipe using a pump or in bulk through a hopper. If there is an excess feed of raw materials, the pump provides an outlet pipe to return the excess. In the loading funnel, the product is captured by the auger blades and fed into the trellis screen by rotation. As you move along the trellis screen, the product is mixed and the liquid fraction is filtered through the sieve cells.

When the product is moved further to the end, the pressing mechanism is activated. The final selection of the liquid fraction takes place, which is discharged through the lower outlet pipe from the separator body. The degree of spin is determined by the size of the annular gap between the cone and the end of the housing. The clearance can be changed by using the discharge node nut.

The solid fraction goes out through the window of the discharge unit.

In the new models of the separator, we have made it possible to rotate the screw in the opposite direction - reverse. This feature allows you to clean the screen during the processing process, if it is clogged, or after the end of the process, without using any additional tools.

When working with separator, cleaning the screen is a separate item of working time, and due to the new function, we significantly reduce it. Maintenance of the separator is significantly simplified, does not require much time and eliminates the possibility of errors during disassembly-assembly of equipment, which extends the uptime.

Our specialists have also developed a new model of auger. It has a modified design, which makes it possible to increase the productivity of the separator and improve the quality of raw material extraction. The parameters of the screw separator are selected to ensure the efficiency of processing your raw materials.

Technical characteristics

Power consumption 5.5 kW
Dimensions 2x0,7x1,5 m
Capacity up to 40 m3/h
Installation of SEPRA® mobile/fixed
Control mechanism Automatic

Our separators SEPRA® have all necessary documents.

Our equipment meets the requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2015 (ISO 9001:2015)

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